It’s a simple statement but one filled with intent and purpose. Everyone should have the ability to control their financial future and the opportunities to do so should be in abundance.

My mission is to deliver a superior return on investments using calculated risks and doing so with integrity and transparency.

Capital P Investments is an alternative investment management business with expertise in using technical analysis to conduct trades and manage risk. Formed in 2017, the business trades within the foreign exchange market and is categorized specifically as an ‘Absolute Return’ Managed Investment.

The objective of this type of managed investment is to generate positive returns irrespective of the performance of any particular index, or indeed the market as a whole.  This means that the underlying investment strategies are not tied to a particular benchmark or index and utilizes strategies far different to the buy and hold strategies that typical funds abide by.

John Nguyen
Founder of Capital P Investments


With a background in traded derivatives and risk management, John Nguyen gained his experience as a trader within the Australian electricity, environmental commodity and foreign exchange markets. John’s blog posts offer an insight into the processes of a trader with weekly reviews, trade recaps and methods he has used to improve his trading.

John is a graduate of Western Sydney University with a degree in Business (Accounting) and is a member of the Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) in Australia.

His trading techniques have been honed over the previous 6 years initially using a fundamental approach in Australian electricity before moving to an entirely technical approach in the foreign exchange market to increase objectivity. Price action forms the basis of John’s trading where he uses a number of strategies to identify technical setups to trade over multiple time frames.